Jan 232014

Fired from his last job…He wanted to go out in a blaze of glory. Instead, he went out with a convoluted explanation from Personnel. He knows he has more to give as a counselor, but who would give him a chance, in his late sixties, fired from his last job. He knows he can always write and play music but something in him wants to re-enter the agency fray, to utilize his skills to help clients.

He knows he could never work fulltime again, but part time would be a perfect compromise. Then he would have the energy to write and play out once in a while.

This is his dilemma. But this man is not alone. Others are struggling through the same pain. He’s always been strong and found a way to the light, but for the moment he is surrounded by darkness again…

Maybe he tried to simply work for too long, not wanting to throw away these skills. I know athletes can go through the same thing, playing and playing until they receive their outright release. It’s a tough road to walk down.

But the strong find a way to bounce back, a way to feel accomplished again…

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