Apr 162014

Finding a helper when you are homeless is a tricky proposition. Some people mainly want to convert you. Others may want to basically put you in a study and use you. Many reject you out of hand because you have no money to pay them. In my case, I was lucky to get hooked up with an outfit called “Health Care for the Homeless” in Massachusetts which arranged for me to see a psychiatrist and get my Bipolar diagnosis, and medicine, a key factor in my recovery. There was a vocational counselor I worked with who helped me into get started with work, albeit washing dishes, and later on, serving as a teacher’s aide. This was also a critical piece in my recovery. But she did not provide “in-depth” counseling or therapy. Well, so what? That’s not what I needed at the time. Don’t expect staff to be that helpful with counseling (but you might get lucky). They tend to be very busy with other stuff and may not be capable, anyway. You do need someone, however.

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