Apr 162014

Fighting the sense of anonymity can be a special challenge for the homeless. You may find yourself in a new environment where you are known as an individual by few or none. This can be disturbing. It would be important to reach out to some individuals from your past world, not for rescue, but rather just to reestablish that human connection, that sense of being KNOWN. You don’t have to burden them with all of the disturbing details. Most of them will want to know that you are getting some know of help or moving forward in some way. They may want to help in a concrete way. Moving in with them may NOT be the best course of action. It may prove counter productive. You may need to experience shelter or homeless rehab life, to get yourself together on your own. It may boost your self-esteem a lot to succeed in taking important steps forward without turning with family or a friend for housing. At least in the beginning and middle stages of homelessness this may be especially true. The end stage is more like a period of transition to residential independence, and your self-esteem may be more intact–a better place to be when you take the step of living with someone else.

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