Sep 032014

A good weekend with my son in Tallahassee area, I am glad that we have gotten closer in recent years. W are more open with each other, as adult “friends.” Adult problems have their own problems they are dealing with, and we can be of help to them, if we act as good listeners and avoid telling the adult child what to do in a given situation.

Facing surgery today. Prostate, it is suppose to be not that bad,  but there is always the possibility of cancer lurking. Still, I feel ready for it emotionally.

My new therapist  is very good. He emphasized personal choice, which I like. His is a cognitive approach. I did not think I would like it, but I do. Also, it depends a lot on the personality–whether I am going to be open to a particular therapeutic approach.

I am vry happy that I am going into this surgery in a good place–with myself and my sin.

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