Mar 072015

The decline of a career is one of the greatest crisis-points one can face. Perhaps most difficult: when your abilities have not declined significantly, but your opportunities for advancement, or even treading water, have seemingly vanished. Of course, the problem is greatly accentuated for individuals who are completely on their own–do not have a partner or close friend. Then, when physical problems related to aging begin to pile up, the combination of these stress factors can be overwhelming. At age 70, I can relate to some, not all of above, but am acutely aware of the need for GOOD counseling or therapy when such factors become overwhelming in one’s life. I have been fortunate in managing to surmount some of these difficulties, but I am aware one’s life situation can deteriorate fairly rapidly. Then, it is so important to reach out for competent help. I think the later years can remain enormously fulfilling, or can become a living hell, depending on what is usually a complex set of factors.

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