Oct 052014

Day finally winding down. About to punch internal time clock. Another important week next week. Well, every day and week has something of significance contained in it. “Act as if everything you do matters” (William James) The key word for me is “everything.” You can hurt someone with a work or a glance. You can uplift someone with a word or a glance. Doing chores, taking good care of the pets, getting the cars tuned up, making coffee for your spouse or significant other or friend, speaking kindly to a clerk who is obviously depressed, pulling the lever on election day, writing a poem, painting a picture, treating a child with love and respect always, seeking justice not only for yourself, but for others, even taking time to relax and just let go of worries and simply having fun…it is all significant and plays a part in shaping a complete life of service, creativity, love, respect, and responsibility…Life on this earth is short. No time to waste lifting yourself up by putting someone else down. And every time you speak the truth when to lie or distort the truth would be easier or more self-serving, every time, that is significant in terms of building healthy relationships and a healthy culture.

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