Dec 022013

An Associated Press article appeared on December 1st in the Asheville newspaper, and immediately sparked my interest.

erosion-tnThis key and pivotal factor — the erosion of trust — needs our consideration and our action to benefit the future of America. It is not just distrust in institutions affecting our country’s health, it is also the lack of trust between individuals and even our family members.

It seems that certain media and politicians enthusiastically engage in stoking our fears by focusing on examples of distrust — rather than than focusing on the presence of trust. I suspect that 99% of us are subject to this destructive tendency.

To rebuild trust, a concerted effort must be made. It is not easy to break down the walls that are built on the pillars of distrust. A few workshops will not do it. A few dialogue sessions will not do it. Visiting a minister or shrink will not do it.

Each approach may play a part, but the initial impetus to rebuild trust must come from within. As I explore the issue, I plan to do more that a writing campaign. I would love to start an ongoing online workshop and engage others in the process.

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