Aug 072014

Started out the day feeling fantastic
like I had achieved enlightenment

beautiful dawn, bird cries, cricket sounds

Gradually the day began to unfold
stresses of life began to accumulate

I started to grow angry, impatient

Yes, it’s easy to think you’ve achieved enlightenment
before messy life enters in, dealing with difficult people

dealing with intractable bureaucracy

confronting the uncertainty of each moment
making mistakes, trying to rectify them

(some can’t be rectified)

Well, most of us are not spiritual masters
I don’t even know if these pristine souls exist

Most of us are doing the best we can
but nirvana is not a permanent state

For most of us, bouncing back is the real challenge
landing on our feet after we have been knocked down

striving to be calm, strong, giving to others
seeking the truth and seeking justice for all

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