Nov 292014

She’s driving alone
along dark streets, surrounded
by blinding light

Got to keep going
can’t stop to reflect
It hurts too much

O you can get lost in the city in a heartbeat
and you know, the time clock of the universe
never stops, never stops

and you can’t stop either
It hurts too much to consider
the course of your life

It could be the dark streets
of any city, New York or Detroit
Atlanta or D.C.

You name it, what I’m talking about
is any city, any man or woman trapped
in a lonely space and time

any woman or man who can’t stop
driving on, desperately searching
for success or love or money

any man or woman
who can’t stop long enough
to look deeply inside

because it hurts too much
to consider the course of one’s life
trapped in the city

with no lasting love or friendship
Everyone he or she meets turns out
to be a stranger in the end

and you know, I’ve been there, my friends
I felt trapped but wasn’t really, I kept driving
down the dark streets, but didn’t have to

I had a choice but didn’t realize it
moving too fast but to accept the fact
that my life was in shambles

and I needed help…

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