May 202015

When you lose something or someone or value
It is so easy for someone to say, “You’ll get over it”
or man-up or whatever

But grief and loss don’t work like that
It takes time, sometimes a very long time
Even then, major losses leavce scars

Major losses can strengthen
or weaken you in the end, make you
more or less compassionate

Not talking about the loss
may be a stage to go through, but eventually,
one must share with a trusted person

therapist or minister or trusted friend

Major losses, no one can unders1tand
EXACTL;Y what you are going through

Still, their caring and empathy
and wise counssel can be vital
but timing is everything

Sometimes you must grieve alone
for an indeterminate amount of time
before you can open up

Just don’t make it too long
Don’t cement over your grief
or you will be imprisoned

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