Jul 122016

There is a stretch of Rt. 25
in a crumbling stretch of Arden,
mostly a bedroom town

Well, it has a sex shop and a pool hall
and a broken down building with one wall
covered in graffiti

and a distorted pic of Abe Lincoln

And then there is a rail yard
with freight cars parked

freight carsn from all over the country
God knows where each one came from
also covered with graffiti

Who knows where Arden is headed?
Who knows were the country is headed?
Who knows where the world is headed?

There is such a divide right now in the USA
reminding me of Dallas, November 22, 1963
Are we repeating history?

Are we repeating history with officers gunned down
and African-Americans gunned down and teens lost
with their graffiti scrawled on freight cars

freight cars scattered near and far
all over the country, empty freight cars
covered in messages

messages of desperation, and I wish
they were calling for reconciliation
but they are not

they are lifting up power and control
just what the white racists are lifting up
both messages of desperation

and mutual misunderstanding…

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