Jan 292014

While USAT made some good points about Obama’s speech, I found your overall coverage to be anemic. You failed to point out or at least stress the stonewalling by the right in congress for Obama’s entire presidency and it’s marked effect on his achievement of important legislative goals. You failed to depict the courage shown by him in making a positive and upbeat presentation under these conditions of constant attack. You failed to note the creativity embodied in many of his proposals. You characterized ACA as a “failure,” surely a gross overstatement. you ignored the latest New York Times poll showing Obama’s approval rating at 45%, surely higher than “barely 40%,” continuing the trend of USA today in not considering a broad representation of polling. Of course, Obama needs higher approval, an will get it soon, I predict. Back to health care, you failed to point out the many fine features of ACA despite the missteps in implementation that are surely fixable, especially if Republicans would get on board to help fix them. Anemic coverage, I repeat and less that incisive, in my view. USAT, you can do much better than this and have in the past.

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