Apr 152014

The highly creative person is going to appear somewhat strange to the rest of the world–at least, this happens frequently. As Clark made clear the obverse association between creativity and conformity. Nonconformists can certainly appear to be quirky to the rest of the world. The quirkiness may be confused with mental illness, and sometimes there is a link between mental illness and creativity, as in Bipolar. Now, let me make clear that virtually everyone has some creativity in this world; but some are simply more driven to create new form and come up with new ideas or combinations of ideas. And creative people work in many spheres of endeavor, poetry, art, business, tech fields, science, etc. But such people can appear quirky working in just about any field, and my main point THAT’S OKAY. If you are that person, try not to fret. There will be people in the world who will accept you just as you are, even come to appreciate your usually mild to moderate strangeness. You will find those people and they will find you. To quote one of my song lyrics: “Just be yourself and you will be alright.”

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