Linda Frank says:

It probably started when I was in Brownie Scouts. I have spent my whole life happily making crafts, but since the over-riding emphasis for book learning dominated my environment, craftwork was relegated to the background. Now that I am retired, I have a chance to explore what I really like to make. The passion that I once had for my career has been replaced with my love of crafts.

My goal is to make the best possible crafts, recycling material that would normally end up in the land fill. My raw material is found at yard sales, thrift shops, church sales, flea markets, or is given to me by benevolent people. Then I purchase the necessary thread, glue, etc. for finishing the project.

felt-artTo make the felt I use in some of my craft projects, I cut wool from old clothing (sweaters, pants, jackets, skirts), wash them in hot water, dry them on a high setting. My color choice is somewhat limited, since I use only recycled fabric, but this adds to the charm of times gone by.

Each thing I make is a way to honor the past, and to respect the future. By recycling and re-using materials and objects, I connect with the original craftsman who fashioned a shelf, the original seamstress who sewed a garment, and the housewife or farmer who purchased the tin or tool or spool. By such connections, we are all blessed.

Besides the above candle mat, the following are examples of my craft work in the more traditional mode: