Dec 062014

Cool breeze on my face
I needed that, to cool down
my body and soul

The world seems like it is off the rails
but there are sane people left, and I will hang out
with them

with you

and if you go crazy too, and by that I mean
materialistic, abusive, lost in your own little world
I will run, not walk away from you

because it feels like we are in a human-zombie war
and if good people do not stand together, put aside
their differences, seek justice FOR ALL

It’s not rocket science, folks, the world
it seems like, is coming apart at the seams
but there are good people still

They may not belong to your race
or political Party, they may not belong
to your religion

but if the spirit lives inside you
you can look in their eyes and listen
to their voice and can tell

just tell, you can tell, just tell
that these people have a heart
and soul

They do not think they are
so much better than others

They know what they believe
yet their minds are open to new ideas
They love the innocence

of children and animals

They love the cool breeze
It cools the body and soul

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