Dec 032014

Since my vision seems to be gradually fading, I read shorter passages, then put a book down, or read half of a long essay. Well, my eyes just get tired more easily, I guess.

We adjust to our disabilities. I have adjusted to my knee problems, though the artificial knee probably needs to be rebuilt. In the meantime, I wear a soft brace and use my walker when I have to, and will see a new ortho doc soon.

I am a dunce at math but love astronomy, cosmology, physics so I read material that simply does not require a lot of math skill and enjoy pondering the general concepts, which also inspire me as a poet.

We all do this with our disabilities, and we all have them, whether we want to admiit it or not.

I was not good enough to play basketball in high school, but developed some skills later in life. So I took up pick-up basketball, and greatly enjoyed the spontaneity of these games.

I can’t seem to write fiction (despite my dad being a fiction writer) so I concentrate on poetry, essays, and songwriting. Well, that’s what we all do, I think, work around our disabilities. We may even lose awareness of the disabilities, until someone points them out to us.

It is important to resist pointing to someone with an obvious disability, and making fun of them, even subtly, because as I have said, we all have one sort of disability or another. Also, it is simply not kind to make fun of the disabled.

When you get older, more physical problems develop; it happens to all of us, though we may want to shut our eyes to that reality. After a period of adjustment, I finally have learned to interact more with my older peers, and enjoy it. Thje wisdom of age is very appealing and important, though young people and some older people may want to deny it. I probably put up a wall between myself and older people because I was resisting the notion of my own aging process. That resistance is gradually fading away.

My brain still functions very well in some areas, like creative writing. In others, like short term memory, not so well.

I am adjusting tp the notion that I am “disabled” in some areas of mental function, and I compensate by working around those problems, with lots of to-do lists made out and the like.

That’s my take on the need to compensate for disabilities, and accept them.

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