Jan 042016

In hitting a baseball as in life, timing is everything and so is follow-though, along with keeping your eye on the ball and having a level swing. Also, sometimes you have to step out of the box to regain your composure. And remember, no one has ever batted a thousand; even .270 is pretty good!

Jan 022016

Regarding someone as “the enemy” can close one’s mind to dialogue and reconciliation…

Jan 012016

Until you finally accept you have a problem
how can you begin to change it…until you finally
realize you need help, and reach out
how can you fully recover?

Dec 292015

When I get caught up in obsessing about a problem, I try to remember that time is usually a healer. Also that the problem is usually not nearly as devastating as I think when caught up in the obsession.

Dec 282015

Knowledge is one thing; wisdom quite another. Wisdom is frequently gained through hard knocks and admitting personal responsibility when one’s own actions cause things to go wrong.

Dec 232015

When you feel you are over your head, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Remaining over your head and not doing something about it can lead to a kind of “emotional drowning.”

Dec 222015

Seeking perfection in people is not real. Denying imperfection in the self is a form of insanity…

Dec 072015

Last night I dreamed that I tend to make things in life harder than they need to be. That idea resonates with me. I go too fast, and when I do that, I lose focus. I am “impressed” lately with how fast people tend to drive on our highways and byways. Ours is a manic culture, I believe. Slowing down is one way I can make things easier for myself. With a bum knee, it is a necessity to slow down or i will inevitably fall, and maybe mess up some other part of my body. I makes them harde and maybe you do, too.

Nov 072015

Don’t waste your time worrying
Deal with life a day at a time
the best way you can

Nov 032015

If you can’t forgive yourself, you can’t forgive others.