Jun 252016

I’m sorry, I’m not always the best I can be
Sometimes I’m hard, sometimes I’m cold
sometimes I’m self-involved

Well, sometimes I’m all three

Other times I’m more like a saint or a guru
Other times I can be the best friend
you ever dreamed you had

In other words, and this is the truth
sometimes I’m good and sometimes
I’m bad

But I wish, I wish, I wish
and I pray, and I pray and I pray
I could be good all the time

I wish I could be good
all the time

Jun 242016

When the darkness falls
it could be time for good spirits
to come together

share the light
share the warmth
of a touch

share from the heart
not just a part of what you are feeling
but share the essence

take a risk, don’t hold back
and take the time to listen
to the other

feel your companion’s feeling
take the time, be a true friend
not disappearing

not vanishing into the wind
staying together, lighting a candle
in the darkness

until the dawn’s light rises again
because it surely will, darkness
will give way to light

because that’s the way of the cosmos
an intricate dance of darkness and light
leading to a miraculous transformation

the advent of life
the color of green
so hold on

so share this life
these precious moments
the ones we’re given

let us not waste
the chance we have been given
to nurture the miracle of life

the color of the green

Jan 292016

Anxiety can be a valuable guide leading one to reconsider a proposed course of action. I remember from assertiveness training, you have the right to change your mind, and, I would add, as long as you communicate with others why you are backing away, at least for now, so as not to leave anyone hanging. It’s the responsible thing to do…

Jan 212016

Stars may explode and galaxies collide

but their impact will be felt forever

throughout the universe


That’s the way I think about death

I believe that what we bring to the world

will last forever, for better or worse


Whether it be a poet or bricklayer

a scientist or sanitation worker

it does not matter


Each sentient being

has a subtle yet profound effect

on others, for better or worse

Jan 202016

Sometimes you just need to stop the car

in the P.O. parking lot and talk things out

with your partner for a long time


Sometimes honest dialogue should not wait

Jan 142016

Fame and fortune say nothing about the quality of a person.

Jan 142016

Day finally winding down. About to punch internal time clock. Another important week next week. Well, every day and week has something of significance contained in it. “Act as if everything you do matters” (William James) The key word for me is “everything.” You can hurt someone with a work or a glance. You can uplift someone with a word or a glance. Doing chores, taking good care of the pets, getting the cars tuned up, making coffee for your spouse or significant other or friend, speaking kindly to a clerk who is obviously depressed, pulling the lever on election day, writing a poem, painting a picture, treating a child with love and respect always, seeking justice not only for yourself, but for others, even taking time to relax and just let go of worries and simply having fun…it is all significant and plays a part in shaping a complete life of service, creativity, love, respect, and responsibility…Life on this earth is short. No time to waste lifting yourself up by putting someone else down. And every time you speak the truth when to lie or distort the truth would be easier or more self-serving, every time, that is significant in terms of building healthy relationships and a healthy culture.

Jan 142016

Have the courage to admit

the error of your ways, have the courage

to ask forgiveness



Jan 142016

There are strengths/weaknesses in any cultural milieu or social system. Sometimes it takes feedback from someone outside of the culture to open one’s eyes to the “fishbowl one is swimming in.”

Jan 142016

A couple of times
I was in a bad place
in my head

And I rented a house
and then an apartment
and I had no furniture

and did nothing about it
My spirit was dragged down
and my soul was grayed out