Aug 142016

I try to do the right thing every day. Well, sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t. It’s not only up to me how things turn out. There is a world of people out there, some have a conscience, some don’t. Some care only for money, and they will sell you down the river in a heartbeat. Sometimes I do the best I can but still get smashed down.

Yes, I have more mindfulness than I used to, but even mindfulness will get you only so far when you’re swimming with sharks. But, still most people in this world will strive to live a fulfilling life while not smashing anyone else down in the process.

I try to do the right thing every day. But there are still sociopaths in this world who don’t give a damn for anyone but themselves. Still, I do the best I can, day by day, despite my many missteps. And thank God there are other people in my life who try to do the same. Even if they are not that many, every good heart and angel spirit shed pure light from one end of the cosmos to another, though as those with insight understand, there is no end to the cosmos, it goes on forever, just as mindfulness is passed down from age to age by the good souls who take the time to reach out to one another, sharing light and love and truthfulness and insight.

Well, that’s all I have right now to say. Peace and Namaste…




Aug 112016

Letting go, acceptance, a sublime feeling
Acceptance of rejection
Acceptance of someone’s passive-aggressiveness
Acceptance of not fulfilling ambitions
Acceptance of physical problems
Acceptance of aging
Acceptance of fear of death
Acceptance does not mean acquiescence
It is an emotional or spiritual response
that keeps me in touch with my basic worth
despite the inevitability of losses in life

Aug 092016

Life has it’s ups and downs
Best way to deal with the rocky road
step carefully, slow your pace

reach for the stars
and adhere to the truth…
Things will even out

Hang in

Aug 082016

Looking below the surface, a good thing
There is so much superficiality to blind us
to the deeper truths

Take a look, take a second look, look deeper
Don’t be lazy, don’t be crazy, we can’t afford
to waste time or our rational minds

The USA and the world are in peril
Let’s just start with common sense

The left does not have
all the answers and neither
does the right

The loudest voice usually
does not belong the wise

The one who disagrees
is not necessarily your enemy
Keep your mind open

Think deeply about what the other has to see
Look below the surface, there are no easy answers
We need to listen carefully to many voice

sort through the messages
Seek the truth, reject the distortions
and the outright lies


Jul 102016

Hard to walk away from a great song
Hard to walk away from a great person
Hard to walk away from a great mission

Sometimes it is hard to walk away

Think hard before you walk around the world
and leave the great and the good behind


Jul 062016

The sea is sometimes stormy
with monstrous waves, other times
it as unruffled as a clear lake

at dawn, nestled in the protective
shadow of a Blue Ridge Mountain

So it is with nations, and families
and folks who cling to various beliefs–
and we all do that sometimes

There comes a time when we must
have the courage to ask forgiveness
and forgive, restore harmony

make peace and not war

and if we don’t somehow learn to do that
nations are shattered and people are shattered
and families are shattered

and if we don’t do that, in the end
we find ourselves lost in the desert
bereft of purpose and alone

terribly alone

But we have a choice
to ask forgiveness and forgive
take steps to bring healing

to make love and not war


Jun 302016

You work at something as hard as you can
and sometimes you win, sometimes you lose
When you lose, but you’ve given it your sll

Well, that hurts, no doubt about it
Fate doesn’t care hpw hard you’ve tried
your friends might or your loved ones

but fate, blind fate, doesn’t care
It may not be fair, the stakes may be high
fate doesn’t care how hard you’ve tried

Now don’t pretend it doesn’t hurt
to lose something precious to your heart
Keep it real, as they say

Sometimes you must dig down into the pain
Sometimes you must stand out into a in the bitter
in te bitter, in the bitter cold rain

Don’t get lost in the pie in the sky
Face your heartache, straight up
Don’t be a phony

You know people always know
wen you’re playing a game

People always know
but more important,
you know

and it prevents your growth
into a better human being
with more to create

and more to give

Deep in the mountains
you will have a reason to live
sharing what you know

have come to know through hard knocks
sitting at the fire with other distant travelers
sharing whatever wisdom you’ve gained

over the many years, trough many trials
sometimes trying as hard as you can
but losing anyway


Jun 302016

As you grow older
you become aware of more people
around you dying

It’s a fact of life
and you begin to think of yourself
as a survivor

Life is a gift
but a tenuous thing
You come and go

The only thing that lasts
is the thought process
you have passed on

the good, bad and ugly
We live on in those we have touched
I mean touched inside

We live on, especially
in those we have loved…
that’s what I believe

But I’m not sure about any of this
No one knows for sure, when it comes to
death and immortality

My father may be observing
over my left shoulder

My mother may be observing
over my right

Anyway, the point is
as you live on, the death of others
becomes a more constant reality

and you begin to think of yourself
as a survivor, and your deeper self

considers more frequently
the reality of death and the possibility
of immortality

and more broadly speaking
the meaning of life

It’s a natural process
the aging process, the death
of those around us

and existential concerns

Jun 262016

10 ways a person creates their own hell:
*Becoming addicted to crisis.
*Making rash decisions.
*Bad-mouthing all the time.
*Refusing to accept help when they need it.
*Surfing the web, to the exclusion of face-to-face relationships.
*Watching cable news 24-7.
*Not taking any time for prayer or meditation, music and nature.
*Seeing the world 100% hostile and evil and threatening.
*Refusing to ever say I’m sorry when you hurt someone.
*Refusing to ever forgive and forget a wrong.

Jun 262016

Focus, on today, making it the best thing I can
There are good and bad things I have done
from the past I cannot take back

Best to learn from the good and bad things
and permit them to make me a better person
creative, passionate about justice

and focused on much more than myself