Nov 232014

My new poetry and prose-poetry book, Alive and Free, is now available on Amazon…

But I am pursuing a number of options now to promote independently published writing. My wife and I are being helped by a consultant to figure this out. Right now I am concentrating on participating in the forums that are related to my subject areas–spirituality, personal growth, poetry, social justice, and poverty/homelessness. Then, I will be figuring out the best way to utilize Twitter, linkedin, FB, etc.

At the same time, I continue to query agents because I still do want an outside publisher.

And I will be publishing e-books independent of even CreateSpace/Amazon. With six books written and posted on Amazon, it is time to get serious about receiving compensation for this work .

It is time to treat this as a full-time job, because it has become that. Except that I still want to do workshops on creativity at schools, agencies and the like. I would also like to do consultation work.

I would like to do part-time counseling because that might not be realistic due to my health issues and family responsibilities and goals.

The purpose in all of this is to make some money, yes, but more importantly, to contribute something through my writing and knowledge to others.

I am not a perfect human being, but I have much more to give and more creativity to exercise.

For a creative person, exercising creativity is more a need than an option.

And I feel that social justice writing is imperative in this day and time when neo-fascism is seriously on the rise in the USA.

Who knows what the outcome will be of these additional efforts? One thing I can say is that publishing through CreateSpace and listing on Amazon has more or less forced me to clean up my writing, to make it saleable. So it is a very good thing, if only for that purpose.

Then, I still want to do open mics and sell books through consignment in and around Asheville and perhaps further afield.

I feel that artists have a responsibility to take on social justice issues in this day and time. This is another aspect of my prior work supporting Obama, a long time ago in the civil rights movement, my columns published in the Asheville Citizen-Times, my work as a VISTA/Americorps volunteer, and my grassroots work in the community at various times.

I would like to another stint in VISTA but that does not seem realistic at this time, even if I were to gain a slot in the program. Linda and I have responsibilities to travel to relatives, for one thing, and it is important for us to travel aeround the USA to gain perspective and just relax and have new experiences. Asheville is great but it is not the only desirable place.

Though I have just turned 70, I am not prepared to sit on the shelf doing nothing constructive and collecting Social Security. I know many other baby boomers feel the same way. Despite my medical problems, I hope to live a good long time. My family has the genes for that.

Unless my current kidney problems turn out to be cancer or something equally devastating.

I also want to make money with my writing to help family and causes I support, Linda is serious about her art and craft work and I think we both want to get serious about creative work, along with promotion and selling.

Our website is great, but crippled right now. I really don’t know how to work with SEO and the tag function is not working on it. I need help with that.

I have family issues that could interfere with my focus, if I let them. That would be a huge mistake. Yet, I love having a family at this point in my life, pieced together from my own family members/significant others. Significant others can be part of family, too, in a broad sense.

That’s about it, folks, Quite enough, right! (-:


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