Jan 132015

2015 will be a momentous year
with lots of mountains to surmount
many hateful extremists to expose

I believe, despite scary thing happening
that the American people will somehow come together
as never before

Bridges will be crossed
bread will be broken

Folks with A Conscience will stand up
as never before, stand together, supporting
reasoned dialogue

But there will be tragedies to cope with
along thew way–we have already seen one
Folks will grow tired of extremism

to the point where they will do something about
That something, as yet, remains undefined

2015 will be a momentous year
I feel it in my bone a year in which
people of conscience

will be called on to stand up as never before
speaking on behalf of truth justice, not tolerating
demonization of the other side

2015 will be a momentous year
I feel it in my bones

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