Jan 142015

Be Strong


You’ll be floating along on a breeze
and sometimes life is gonna jerk you up
and crash you down

because you’re human
because you’re not a superhero
because you’re not God

goes with sayin’

It goes without sayin’
you are not invulnerable
People can be harsh

Life can get so complicated..
Lost in a maze, sometimes you can’t see
your way out

The world just keeps on spinning
though you may have crashed
to the ground

So what to do?
Well, just hang on

The spirit may whisper in your ear
even as you wander on the dark side
of town, this unforgiving town

The spirit may whisper in your ear
Invisible angels may walk by your side
So just hang on

Hang on, my brothers and sisters
hang on


When you get smashed in the face
what are you gonna do, stand tall
or just slink away.

When the air turns bitter cold
what are you gonna do, stay inside
forever, or venture out?

What’s the answer?

Well, stand up to oppression
my friend, and dress real warm

Stand up against oppression
and dress real warm, and venture out
into the dawn

You’re a man, you’re a woman
not a coward and not a mouse

You have courage, you love justice
stand up against oppression, walk out
into the dawn


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