Jun 302016

As you grow older
you become aware of more people
around you dying

It’s a fact of life
and you begin to think of yourself
as a survivor

Life is a gift
but a tenuous thing
You come and go

The only thing that lasts
is the thought process
you have passed on

the good, bad and ugly
We live on in those we have touched
I mean touched inside

We live on, especially
in those we have loved…
that’s what I believe

But I’m not sure about any of this
No one knows for sure, when it comes to
death and immortality

My father may be observing
over my left shoulder

My mother may be observing
over my right

Anyway, the point is
as you live on, the death of others
becomes a more constant reality

and you begin to think of yourself
as a survivor, and your deeper self

considers more frequently
the reality of death and the possibility
of immortality

and more broadly speaking
the meaning of life

It’s a natural process
the aging process, the death
of those around us

and existential concerns

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