Dec 282014

I try not to swim with sharks
I try not to be one myself

I try not to worry about money
I try not to be addicted to wealth

The only thing that lasts is the spirit
The body eventually breaks down and dies
The only thing that lasts is agape love

Love that does not cling
or expect anything in return
Love that empowers

love that makes the world
better for others, not only the self
love that is expansive

love that ventures into new realms

I have loved and lost before
maybe because my loving
was all about me

I lusted for the woman’s body
Not thinking much about her true self
beyond the image I had of her

Now, my life has changed
I am living in reality, boring to some
not living the vagabond life

I finally settled down
am staying home more
practicing reflection

and writing my simple poems

I don’t swim with sharks
and try not to be one myself
I try not to hurt nobody

As days turn into weeks
and years, and life goes on
as life goes on

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