Apr 162014

When you are homeless, after your thoughts clear up after the initial shock, it is good to analyze the factors that led to homelessness in your life, either with a counselor or on your own. Usually there are multiple factors–poor decision making, “bad luck,” breakdown in a relationship, job loss or instability, mental illness, addiction, etc. Usually a series of negative things happen over an extended period to lead you to hopelessness. Impulsiveness can be a strong underlying factor. Wallowing in guilt is not what I am advocating; just identifying areas of change that you yourself can implement. Sometimes procrastination in arriving at a key decision can cause trouble. Simply figuring out what important steps you need to take and taking them, one at a time, can help greatly in breaking the pattern of homelessness. Sometimes lack of acceptance of a problem is the root of the problem, or refusal to seek help. Take time to write down the key factors snd begin to implement a change of course in one’s life. Recovery will not happen overnight. A person usually does not become homeless overnight. It usually is a long slide down, and it will be a long climb up, but you can do it!

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