Feb 172014

All kinds of poetry people in the world…

from grassroots to snobs, from ambitious
to those who don’t care about fame

those who write for family and friends
and those who write for the world

open and closed-minded, believe it or not
“normal” and “disturbed,” rich and poor, bankers,
elderly, kids, the middle class and garbage men

I don’t know where I fit in, except I strive
for clarity, depth, and a sense of mystery

and I write about freedom and justice…
and for those who care to hear my voice
and who seek greater knowledge

of the transcendent
and for those who need

to hear a voice that is reaching for the truth
for those who need to hear a voice that delves
into the darkness and the light

All kinds of poets, in the world
those who seek spaces and silence
between the worlds

who understand that stories
underlying stories underlying

stories in verse, a kind of complexity
that decipherable if one takes the time

all kinds of poets, those who focus
on themselves, those who care more
about exploring the depth of others

Those way say God, or reveal
the Higher Power in all true

and courageous, and mysterious
and loving, reality, along with its beauty
sometimes blinding in its effect


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