Feb 042015

The man is unresponsive
His eyes remain downcast
and I can’t break through

I can’t break through

Like me and my dad
I did know how to break through
say what was truly on my mind

I wonder what was inside his heart?
The silence between us was like a brick wall
no deep sharing, except once or twice

He left me with an old car
that I burned up by mistake
He left me with an old scar

I do not understand my past
Now all I yearn for are the things
that last

The things that endure

I grew tired a long time ago
of transitory relationships and places
and jobs and seasons passing

I know, that’s the way of life
the reality we face in the USA
Too many changes

How did we get this way?
How did we unlearn how to discover magic
in just this precious moment?

Yes, I miss my dad

I miss New England
20 years that fizzled out
I know, my fault

I miss New England
finally realized I had to move
back to the South

Yes, through all the pain
I learned some things about myself
that led to healing, in the end

But still, I miss the ghosts of the past
But that life seems like nothing more than a dream
that exists now only in my mind…I guess

I must move on
but will never forget
certain things

There are certain memories
that will never fade, and as Ronnie Van Zant sang
“All I Can Do Is write about it”

and that’s what I do at 4 a.m.
and that’s what I’m trying to share
with you my friend…

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