Nov 262014

A Meditation on Ferguson

We need another MLK
to lead the struggle for justice
But he is not on this earth
He is only in our memories
Kids read about him in the textbooks
But he’s not here in flesh and blood
to lead the struggle

We have no Gandhi here on earth
We have no Jesus in flesh and blood
Well, you get the drift

So what do we do?
Get down on our knees and pray?
Search for a spiritual leader
committed to nonviolence
who will lead the struggle for justice?

You cannot nominate someone
to lead in this way
someone outside of government
to lead us, inspire us, teach us
One figure who unquestionably stands out
and no one can apply for this post

It just has to happen
in a manner beyond human control
for such a leader to step forward
in flesh and blood

So what do we do?
Sit back and just be spectators
as the fires rage and the cities burn
as the divide between black and white
grows more pronounced?

Do we sit back and just be spectators
as if we are in a baseball stadium?

What if each of stepped forward
and reached out?
each in his or her own city
or country
stepping forward and reaching out

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