Oct 082014

Sometimes you just have to face
tough issues with someone

slog on through the complications
get out of your system bad feelings

get down to the root of the issue
It’s not easy, you feel vulnerable


vulnerable to attack, fearing
you may not be understood

but the worst thing that could happen
would be for indifference to grow

The worst thing would be

for a couple to just stop caring

In the wake of indifference
comes the dislocation

of two spirits

two spirit alive for now
in this transitory world

two spirits who found each other
somewhere in the darkest night

they found each other

It seems that their paths for a reason
a reason beyond their understanding

We pass each other, pass each other
speeding on in search of the next dream

a person more pure
but no one is perfect

We learn that in the end
but sometimes too late

to find a person willing to slog through
misunderstandings, and hurt feelings

a person willing to stand toe to toe
exploring the depths of honesty

Continuing to fight
for love that will last

in this crazy world where people speed past
each other, never delving deeply enough

to get down to brass tacks
the basis of love that lasts

in this crazy world
a world gone mad

with greed and violence
with ruthless attachment

to the material world





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