Jun 302016

Sometimes you just want to shut out the world
The hate and the violence, the masks people wear
and the money-grubbing

Who is there around willing
to tell you all there secrets?
Even I hesitate

Who is there willing to take all the time it takes
to share the spirit the a stranger, or even a friend
We’re all so busy trying to keep up the front

because in the back of our minds
we know it’s a scary world out there
and above all, we find a way

to self-protect
or at least that’s what we think
but it’s a futile tasks

It’s a futile task, my friends
We can’r straighten out the chaos
we see exploding

the chaos exploding around the world

So what are we left with
Well, we are left with one another
the people we know

the ones we want to get close to
the ones with whom we are willing
to discard the masks

and bare our souls
and share laughter
and shed tears

the ones we have truly come to know
because they are the ones we will turn to
when this crazy world explodes

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