Jun 162015

“You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (Jesus)

Why would Christians reject science? Scientists seek to ascertain the objective truth about external reality, and about the self, through careful analysis of the object of study, while seeking to eliminate the distorting effect of extraneous factors. The scientist seeks to eliminate the effect of personal bias, in arriving at a conclusion. And what’s wrong with that? Not to say that a spiritual realm does not exist which is not amenable to study through the scientific method–at least not yet. Not to say that a Supreme Being does not exist. Of course erroneous conclusions are drawn through scientists, and that’s part of the scientific approach too, to be open to revising theory based on new findings and modes of analysis. From Newton to Einstein and beyond, cosmological understanding has been transformed. Our understanding of the phenomenon of time, for example, remains in flux. Is all predetermined, as Einstein posited? Or does intelligence, creativity and autonomous decision-making alter the shape of the future? My sense is that the latter position is correct, but of course I could be wrong. We all could be wrong.


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