Feb 142015

I visited my knee doc in Greenville, SC. We got lost on the way, we always do.

Everyone is nice in that hospital. The knee doc is a young Brit. Professional, knows what he is doing. But the best thing is: his thoughtfulness. You can see him considering a multitude of options, but in a very deep way. He takes his time. He stops and really thinks it through. It is a form of mindfulness, I realize.

I almost made this into a poem, because the way he does his job made such an impression on me. So many docs and others are rushed and NOT thinking things through deeply. Making snap decisions, snap judgments, snap condemnations, anger breaking out sometimes looks like a forest fire raging. We need to slow down. We need to think things through. We need to find a way to quell our anger, when it threatens to become a forest fire raging. It is important that we find a way.

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