Dec 052014

This old clock sat in the garage for years

buried under cartons of books and this and that

Ignored, yes, but it just kept on ticking

We rescued it from it’s dungeon one day

and set it down in the living room, on the coffee table

and it just kept on ticking away and ticking

Followed us through all our moves and travail

We are settled again, but our old clock

stopped for the first time in years…it made me feel sad

to think this trusty fellow traveler had finally died

But I changed the double A’s and by some miracle

the old clock, consigned to the garage and forgotten

Well, it sprung to life, and I felt glad

as if an old friend and companion

had returned from the dead

I know this sounds crazy, but I feel

that this old clock has a soul

and it has been rescued from it’s dungeon

and has spring back to life, my companion

and friend

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