Apr 082014

When things fall apart

You rebuild your life


One step at a time

One dish washed

One counter wiped

One face washed

One cup of java brewed

One cat fed

One poem written

One meditation pursued

One to-do list compiled

Medicine taken


Slowly, slowly











I’m always afraid

When I write a dark poem

People are going to worry about me

or try to reassure me

but just remember…


The poet goes

where the spirit leads

The poet doesn’t worry

about walking down

a dark road or light


The poem is okay

The poet is alright

Just baring his soul











Pain in shoulder from throwing too many baseballs as a kid

Hours against the wall of our tenement

or practicing or in a game


The old pains come back as we age

We deal with it…or not

Same with emotional trauma

The old pains come back


Important to deal with pain and trauma

It can be managed


People say you only played till you were 18

They what realize what damage you can do as a kid

Pain that must be faced and dealt with

emotional or physical










I am in pain, my shoulder

Lily the cat follows me around

when I am in pain

She knows

Better than some people

Some cats are like that


It reassures

Her just being aware

A form of acceptance

and love

The cat Lily is a prize possession

but I do not possess her













“The heart is aglow, rises up through the stony ground…”  (U2)


Rode a city bus to K-Mart to work

Sick to my stomach, wandering in a field

of scrub brush and discarded appliances

on stony ground


My life in pre-homelessness…

My employer had no idea

I was struggling like this

(or maybe he did)

It did matter


What mattered was making it back

to my rooming house before dark

Walking back, no bus fare

on the ghetto side of State St.


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